Vidhyabharati Foundation

Vidhya Bharati Foundation is a non government, non political and professionally managed not for profit organization registered in 2005 under The Bombay Public Trust Act. We are working with the underprivileged children, youth and women particularly focused on their education, skill development, awareness and empowerment.


To empower and uplift children from disadvantaged communities though an integrated approach.


Develop capabilities of children from low income families, with a focus on their education with character building and vocational skill development.



Almost 30% to 40% of students of Std. 5th to 8th in Govt. Primary Schools do not have the basic reading, writing and arithmetic skill.


Math and Gujarati (medium of language) are the basic subjects to learn the other subjects and the proficiency in language and math support us in our day to day activity till the life end.


The student attends the school but does not cop up with the syllabus.


The class teacher is in a hurry to finish the syllabus and not in position to attend specially.


Numbers of teachers are less as per requirement and they are engaged with the clerical work like adhar Card, Opening of Bank Account, Scholarship, Voter list etc.


There are many public and local holidays in the Govt. School and the children are engaged in celebration of social and religious festival, rituals in their family. Ultimately the students get less actual academic days.


Majority of students in govt. schools are from weaker section. Their parents are engaged in the labour work and therefore can’t help their wards in education.


Due to poverty, the children have responsibility of earning or taking care of the sibling.


Ultimately the interest of students in academics decreases and they become dropouts.


Private tuition is beyond their reach.


Due to many reasons, students miss their academic learning in Std. 1st to 4th. Before they dropout from the system we should give them a second chance to learn and cope up with standard appropriate learning.